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  With the development of the electronics industry, we understand the importance of product quality in the supply chain. SUNTOP quality inspectors receive formal training to identify counterfeits to reduce the risk of suspected counterfeiting, fraud and counterfeit parts in the supply chain.
Let us look at the SUNTOP test project:
External Visual Examination
External Visual Inspection is to check the number of parts, internal packaging, desiccation and outer packing, vacuum packaging in good condition, brindled hot pressing marks clear and maintain high consistency, manufacturer's logo position and print font (including date code and country/region) in accordance with manufacturer's standard.

Chip Inspection

Chip detection requires components to be of the same shape/color, The front and back of the components have the same finish, no scratches. Verify secondary coating, the pin state, polishing marks, the bump on Marking. Positioning hole is accurate and clear, Pin/ball color and shape are normal(no oxidation, deformation, burr, damage, pollution, etc).Overall dimension, pin position, pin spacing, pin length are consistent with package outline.

Function Test

Validate the passive component to ensure that there are no openings or defects;
Ensure the component performance meets manufacturer's specifications (resistance/capacitance/inductance) .

Part of the functional testing is in cooperation with third-party testing organizations

Third party test center
De-cap Test
Electrical Test
Function Test

Packaging and Logistics

The final step of the test service is packaging and delivery, which we attach as much importance to as other test projects, all products must be shipped in ESD standard packaging, no defects and/or modifications. We recognize the importance of timely and safe delivery of components to customers. We provide complete packing and transportation services to assist you in shipping goods to your designated destination.

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