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 After-sales Service

Please read and follow the terms below when you need to return or replace the product during the cooperation:

Conditions for acceptance of after-sales service

1. Customers who need to return or replace goods due to the wrong quantity of goods received, different Parts or product quality problems can apply for returning or replacing goods within two weeks after receiving the goods, and the delay will not be accepted.

2. For returning and replacing products, please keep the complete original packaging (including outer and inner packing) and ensure the goods label is in good condition. The goods label is the only proof for Suntop to coordinate with the supplier to return and replace the goods. If it is lost, it will not be refundable.

3. In case of product quality problem, customer shall provide a detailed performance test report in English as the basis for negotiation between Suntop and the supplier.If necessary, a third-party English test report approved by both parties shall be provided.

4. Order invoices shall be returned to us after the application for return and replacement is approved.

After-sales service is not accepted as follows

1. The original package and label of the product are damaged or missing.

2. Products that have been used/tested on the machine.

3. Customer's own reasons for the wrong order.

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